‘Yes I Can’ by Ms. Hikmaya Timilsina, Gotikhel, Lalitpur

‘Yes We Can’, the most popular slogan that reminds us the USA Presidential ElectionCampaign of Mr. Barak Obama in 2008, might be known worldwide but there are some people at this part of the world who has never heard of this slogan before and never knew who Mr. Obama is; however, whole-heartedly adopted this slogan and applied to her live. Ms. Hikmaya Timilsina from Gotikhel, Lalitpur is one of them.

Ms. Timilsina has been applying this slogan in her life to prove that with hard-work, determination and ‘can do’ attitude makes any one successful.

She used to spend days and nights crying because she could not afford to keep aside five rupees in the name of her kids before joining the Village Women’s Group of Mahila Shakti Bikash Kendra Nepal (MSBKN). Once she joined the VWG of MSBKN in 2014, she participated in its monthly shaving scheme and also gained financial knowledge by attending trainings conducted by the MSBKN. She attended all the Capacity Development trainings provided by the MSBKN such as ‘Leadership Development, ‘Skill Development’, ‘Speaking Skills’, ‘Group Strengthening and Group Management’, ‘Women’s Rights’, ‘GESI’ and ‘Good Governance’ . Currently, she is associated with seven registered cooperatives and personally deposits Rs 700.00 per month in one of the Micro-Finance Bank. Not only that, she takes care of 5 livestock, poultry farming (1500 chicken), seasonal vegetable farming, sell milks (upto 20 liters), and involve in rebuilding her own house after earth-quake.

She credited MSBKN trainings, which resulted her association to be in the management team in one of the school in Gotikhel, Mahankal Village Municipality, Lalitpur for almost 27 months. She confesses that she doesn’t get nervous at all these days and can address as much as 5000 people. And fully credited to MSBKN for its officials who continuously encouraged her to attend trainings and implement learnings in entrepreneurship. She recently sold all the chicken (1500) and bought another lot of 1500 chicken for poultry. She is in process of selling all the chilly while still nurturing new plants of chilly. She is in process of registering her own firm named ‘Pashu-Panchi Tatha Krishi’.

Her dedication and hard work was appreciated by the financial institutions and awarded her as the ‘Best Loan-Manager in Co-operatives’. Because she cleared the loan of NRs 300,000.00 that included loan amount and other expenses to the Co-operative within a year it was granted to her. She proudly said that it was possible because of effective time-management and commitment towards her business. She said that she managed to settle loan, had enough time to look after livestock, poultry, vegetable farming and also look after reconstruction. All these busy schedule makes her feel like leading a new life. And she confidently says that she can even manage a business with a larger budget up to NRc 50 lakhs. Because of her dedication and willingness, School Management Committee renewed her membership in Management team instead of hiring a new member, because they know how much she opines for quality education for kids.

She said that she has done enough in agriculture, poultry, finance, reconstruction and all. Now she wants to ‘Bring a Road’ to her community. If needed, she would also appeal for loans as she is not scare of repaying it.

She credited MSBKN and genuinely thanks to its officials for believing in her and providing all the trainings. It made her confident and strong mentally and psychologically.

The MSBKN could not be prouder of her achievement and be a part of her success!!