The MSBKN initiated ‘School Campaign’ in 2013 and implemented in 2014 & 2015 in all working districts.  The respective Regional Coordinators and Core Leaders took responsibilities in facilitating training in close coordination with schools & colleges of their respective districts.  The direct beneficiaries of ‘School Campaign’ was students that includes boys and girls of Grade 9 & 10; and in some districts focused on College students (Grade 11).

The main objective of this initiation was to address the youths and empower them on social issues especially on Women’s issue to have the perception changed towards women in a long run.  It contributed in bringing about the positive change in the status of women in society.  The ‘School Campaign’ was the result of consistent request from students and stakeholders as a new approach to address youth in our community.

A comprehensive package was developed with subject matter of four training such as ‘Violence against Women’, ‘Leadership development’, ‘Positive thinking’ and ‘Gender & Social Inclusion’.  The students were provided three days training on these subjects followed by an interaction for discussion on their findings and impacts thereafter. 

Some of the remarkable feedback from local stakeholders and students are:

Local stakeholder from Dolakha:

‘Sincerely grateful towards MSBKN for bringing awareness program for our youth especially students to enhance their knowledge on social issues’.

‘Behavioral changes in our youth are possible after such an inspiring empowerment campaign’.

Sirish Thapaliya, Shri Kali Devi Middle School, Patlekhet, Kavre: ‘have not heard of ‘Patriarchy’ before, always wonder why the opinions of my father and grand-father take upper hand rather than my mother.  Now I know it’s because of ‘Patriarchy’ in our society’.

Students: ‘We should clean our own dishes rather than leaving them for female members at home to clean’…. ‘such program should have started from Grade 5’.

After successful implementation of ‘School Campaign’ in our first initiation, we intend to restart it in our upcoming phase as well.