आफ्नै खुट्टामाउभिनसिक्नु पर्छ

This book is a compilation of ten inspirational stories of rural women who became entrepreneur through their hard work and dedications. Each and every story has its own beauty of their struggles that each of us can learn from. As we go along with these stories, we can visualize their happiness and feel the emotions of becoming winners in their choice of entrepreneurship.

Language: both English and Nepali version

Price: Rs. 350/

This book consists of stories that were collected from Kailali and Rukum. We were motivated by four major factors while selecting the stories: first, collection of actual description of the incident that occurred during conflict; second, the struggle that the women had to undergo after the incident; third, the physical and mental trauma that they faced due to the conflict and the factors that helped overcome them; lastly, their relationship with the family, society and the opponents after being victims of the conflict and how this relationship was rebuild later.

Language: Nepali

Price – Rs. 150/

This book contains the life experiences of 46 youths from different districts of Nepal. Youths are the pillar of any society and their struggles, achievements, their hopes, dreams and their contribution in social transformation are compiled in this profile which can have motivational impact upon other rural youths.

Mahila Power (English version)

Price – Rs. 300/

This book is based on the interactions with more than 200 women selected through workshops held in various parts of the country. Among these women, the experiences of 50 women have been compiled in this book. As we go through this book, we can read the struggles endured and the successes achieved by the women living in the rural areas of Nepal.