Main objectives of Single Women's Project:

  • To empower single women economically, psychologically and socially.
  • To strengthen the single women network at district for the advocacy and lobby of the single women issues,.
  • To form the single women peace promoters group at district level for the support in peace promotions and .
  • To develop linkage, coordination and networking for the mobilization of local resources in benefiting for the single women at district.

Due to a decade long armed conflict between the Maoist and the state around 15,000 people lost their lives leaving their widows, families and children behind. In the context of Nepal, status of single women is vulnerable in the absence of their husband upon whom they are dependent. In addition to that they have to face social stigma attached to their being "single" making them isolated when they are much in need of solace.

With the objectives to improve the living standard of single women by developing peace and reconciliation, empowering them and making them active and conscious in order to be self dependent MSBKN worked with HRPLSC (Human Rights Protection & Legal Service Center) since 2009 in Rukum, with HRARDS (Human Rights and Rural Development Society) since November 2009 in Kailali. MSBKN also started the same nature of work in Rolpa in partnership with HRPLSC from November 2011.

Single Women project was conducted in Sankh, Syalapakha and Mahat VDCs of Rukum. In Kailali it was conducted in Phulbari, Masuriya and Hasuliya VDCs of Kailali. In Rolpa single women from Libaang, Kotgaun, Junkot, Bhawang, Korchabang and Dhartigown VDCs benefited.