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Since early 2020, people worldwide have affected from COVID-19. It’s hard on everyone and harder on marginalized and rural community members who are already vulnerable because of their social status. We have been serving these rural community members since 2008 in 12 working districts. Amid spread of COVID-19 in the country from early on of 2020, we have also supported our rural community members with possible assistance as we could..

During first wave, we provided immediate food relief to the total of 2755 family members of Village Women’s Group who have been associated with us in all working districts.

And in second wave, we categorized three areas to provide relief related to COVID-19:

  • Food relief to the families directly impacted by the COVID
  • Nutritional Food Relief for post-COVID family members
  • Basic Health materials to the community based health posts/health institutions to prevent and fight the virus.

Food relief to the families directly impacted by the COVID

A total of 682 rural community members along with their family members benefitted from the relief under this category. We provided basic food such as Rice, Lentil, Cooking Oil, Salt, Sugar, Hand soaps and Masks to them.

Thankful to MSBKN and its officials for thinking of us at this time.
–Ms. Maya Baniya, VWG member
Siyari-5, Rupandehi
Things that we couldn’t do, MSBKN did in our community, we would remain grateful for that..
–Ms. Manju Malashi, Mayor
Dipayal-Silgudhi Municipality, Dadeldhura

Nutritional Food Relief for post-COVID family members

Realizing that the community members are deprived of nutritional food during crises and not able to cope up with the pandemic, we provided nutritional food packages that contains Eggs, Mixed Soybean lentil, Dry-fruits, Rice to total number of 240 post-COVID patients from community level in our working districts.

Quality matters than quantity.. thank you MSBKN.
-Mr. Bishnu Man, Ward President,
Godawari-6, Lalitpur

Basic health materials to the community based health posts/ health institutions

The health system in Nepal during second wave of COVID-19 faced tremendous shortages of health materials while dealing the crises. To address such crises, the MSBKN, who has been working closely with local government in local level since 2008, supported the local health posts and health institutions with much needed basic health materials. These supplies included Masks (360 boxes), Sanitizer (360 liters), Pulse Oximeter (92 pcs), Digital Thermometer (157 pcs), Surgical gloves (92 boxes), Soaps (1104 pcs), Sanitary pad (50 pcs), PPE Jumpsuit (125 sets), PPE Gown (200 sets), Face- shield (310 pcs), Stretcher (2 pcs). Along with this, we also provided generic medicines such as Vitamin C (5600 strips), Vitamin D3 (5000 strips), Vitamin E (1575 strips), Zinc tablets (6000 strips), Inclav-625 mg (15000 strips), Paracetamol 500 mgs (5100 strips), Paracetamol 125 mg/5ml (8775 bottles), Infexime 200 mg (19500 strips), Oral Rehydration Solutions (1600 pcs), Metronidazole (750 tablets), Amoxyclave (7500 tablets), Omeprazole (1000 tablets) and Cough syrups (3250 bottles).

We provided these materials in the presence of local government officials such as Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Ward President, Women members and local stakeholders at local level government offices.