1. Encourage and help increase the number of women candidates in local, district and national campaigns, elections.
  2. Provide innovative support programs to increase the confidence, self-esteem, courage, and capacity of women to enter and robustly participate in public processes and offices.
  3. Make possible ground-breaking programs and practical resources to increase, encourage and support women rising to more prominent and visible leadership in Nepali public and private organizations and initiatives across a wide range of sectors and levels.
  4. Provide research to identify and strategy development to support the unique platforms, roles and capacities of women to build a culture of peace in Nepal.
  5. Encourage and support the growth of women-led peace and conflict transformation initiatives and participation in the landscape of local and national post-war re-construction, healing and reconciliation.
  6. Increase the level of direct participation of women in national peace and reconciliation processes.
  7. Research, consult, and develop a strategic plan for a practical platform in terms of core mission and financial viability.
  8. Identify and propose an organizational structure with capacity to sustain a Nepali women’s think-tank that innovates and supports women’s leadership and initiatives for decades to come.