Pride of Ms. Sushmita Kunwar : a Dhaka Handloom Weaver

This is the story of Ms. Sushmita Kunwar who has shown continuous hard work and determination to become a financially independent.

And to fulfill her dream, she started weaving a Dhaka handloom in B.S.2066 (A.D. 2009) with a minimum training that she received from the UNDP project and also a limited funds from a Village Women’s Group formed under the Mahila Shakti Bikash Kendra Nepal (MSBKN) in her community.

She has pretty good knowledge on financial strategies as well. She put her hearts and mind in the same bucket and continuously doing hard work. She used to have her hands full from taking care of retail shop, livestock, family but never had a thought of giving up, so she would literally sleep for 4 hours and keep herself engaged in her work. However, she Later on, continued only on Dhaka clothes that symbolizes the nationality and gives her pride for weaving it for Nepalese. She gives full credit to Dhaka handloom for her popularity in her community though some of her jealous neighbors tried to vandalize her handloom. Despite this, she continued in her dream job, displaying the products in local markets, shared with friends and family who were traveling from one place to another. Her hard work was recognized by one of the Bank in her neighborhood as ‘Good Entrepreneur’ and also rewarded her NC 2500.00.

The only message she has for other rural women is that never give up on your dreams, do something for yourself, explore the training opportunities and use the best of it, be financially independent, utilize the time and stay away from gossiping. People are willing to do anything when they decide to go for foreign employment in Arab countries from cleaning toilets to all but hesitate to do small-scale business in their own community, does not matter how big or small business is but do get engaged and at least do something.

So well said !!!